Keynotes · Building cultures of sustainability

The lecture ‘Building cultures of sustainability’ explains and inspires. It explains why sustainability requires a collective mindshift and a culture change. Walter explains how culture works, why change is tough, and how you can manage it anyway. Because the transition towards a sustainable society is all about people and culture.

Sustainability requires a revision of the standard choices ingrained in the system, defaults we take for granted without questioning. It requires our management and leaders to set a good example and different performance indicators. And, perhaps the most difficult: it requires us to rewrite the unwritten rules.

Culture consists of a set of beliefs, values and habits that are so perfectly logical for a group of people, they take them for granted implicitely. An new groupmember will hear his questions being answer like ‘This is how we run things here’. When sustainability is a matter of culture, it is helpful to understand the grammar of how sustainability and organisational culture cohere, and which cultural issues and dilemmas need to be solved.

Cultural insights on embedding sustainability

How do other organizations and tribes solve this issue? For ages, as humanity we experienced transitions and change. Walter takes you on a trip across exotic Greenland, Spitsbergen, and translates tribal sustainability lessons into the context of western organisations. You will leave inspired, with new insights and concrete guidelines for facing the challenges in the quest to build an organization with sustainability at heart of sustainability and change.

You'll observe your organization as an anthropologist, understand the need for creating and holding space, and get guidelines for and learn how to organize viral change. Embedding sustainability gets easier if you know how culture works.

This lecture provides you with

  • Inspiration to see your own culture and sustainability issues in a different light.
  • Insights translated from corporate anthropology into sustainability challenges.
  • Knowledge of what culture is, how it works and how you can steer or change it.
  • Thorough understanding of sustainability in your own organisation culture.

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Speaker | Walter Faaij
Language | English / Dutch
Duration | 15 - 90 minutes
Interaction | 10 - 200 people
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