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Green Culture Lab is very happy to work together with others quite often. Because projects get better, because it offers learning opportunities, and because it's just fun to work with others!

Human Dimensions

We build Strong Tribes. Safe for Diversity. Ready for Change. Our ambition is to stimulate organizations to become wildly attractive to all their employees, clients, suppliers and the world. We look at the world and organizations through the eyes of an anthropologist. Cultural anthropology is the discipline that asks itself what it means to be a human among humans. With a fascination for how people form cultures together and how cultures form people. Both inside organizations and beyond them. Anthropologists make the strange seem familiar. And the familiar seem strange. We do this to create space for new ways of seeing and new ways of dealing.


We believe that tomorrow’s successful companies focus on shared value creation today: value that extends beyond immediate financial returns for shareholders and employees, and benefits our society and planet too. We help companies understand their impact, develop the right strategy, manage for results on the basis of reliable information, and inform their stakeholders about progress and achievements. Measurable and clear.

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