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Corporate anthropology studies contemporary organizations and companies. In these organisations you'll find some wonderful and interesting rituals, symbols and unwritten rules, forming the social tissue and influencing the way an organization works. By understanding the way culture is shaped and changes, building strong tribes, communities, organizations and teams becomes a whole lot easier.

Curious about how people build strong tribes? How you can create a team or department where people feel safe, cared for an are ready to great lengths for eachother? Curious to interpreting the unwritten rules? And looking for new ways to change culture and create a movement? Then, it helps to look as an anthropologist and identify the internal logics. 

Culture consists of a set of beliefs, values and habits that are so perfectly logical for a group of people, they take them for granted implicitely. An new groupmember will hear his questions being answer like ‘This is how we run things here’. To build a strong tribe or to create change in your team, it is helpful to understand the grammar of corporate culture works, and which cultural issues and dilemmas need to be solved.

Culture change | tribal and corporate

In this lecture, you will learn to look at your organisations as an anthropologist. You will be provided with both exotica and practical tips and tricks to change culture and build a strong tribe. You will learn to understand that change works best in three phases (instead of two). You will discover the universal dynamics of Power & Love in organizations, and learn about leadership in times of change and uncertainty. You'll be learn how to put this knowledge to action to create a viral movement. Managing change becomes easier if you know how culture works.

This lecture provides you with

  • Inspiration to look at your own culture from a different perspective.
  • Insights derived from corporate anthropology into leadership lessons.
  • Knowledge of the ways and workings of culture, and how to steer and change culture.
  • A useful model to understand and guide culture change.

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Speaker | Walter Faaij
Language | English / Dutch
Duration | 15 - 90 minutes
Interaction | 10 - 200 people
Optional | extension into a masterclass
Optional | extension with ice-performance
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