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Sustainability is about people. Building an organization with sustainability at its core and in its DNA is about changing and rebuilding culture. Green Culture Lab helps in this process by providing lectures, hosting masterclasses, guiding stakeholder dialogues, conducting research and by guiding viral change.


Ever tried to live a day without doing culture? The transition towards a green organization becomes easier if you understand how culture works. To better understand culture, book a lecture full of corporate and exotic stories combined with casestudies and practical tools.


Sustainability is deeply about people. About their behaviour, about individual mindshifts and about collective culture change. Sustainability is about culture and your organizational DNA. Therefore, it helps to understand how your corporate culture works, and what place sustainability occupies.

Campfire Conversations

Building a better society requires having better dialogues. Culture is built and changed with interaction and decisions, so we need better dialogues. And we need the wisdom of everyone, including unheard voices. We need to bridge conflicts of interest to build cultures of sustainability.

Culture Change

Green Culture Lab applies an approach to culture change derived from corporate anthropology. We build towards a company with sustainability in its DNA in four subsequent phases.

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