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Walter Faaij (1984) is a corporate anthropologist, consultant and professional storyteller. Walter is an expert on corporate culture, culture change and sustainability. Walter founded Green Culture Lab and is associate partner at Human Dimensions. Walter guides companies in their quest to build sustainability into their company DNA.

I am a storyteller

Like most anthropologists, I am a storyteller. This adventure begins in an exotic country, in Greenland. In 2010 I lived and worked there for three months. And I was seized by the social impact of climate change on the inhabitants of Greenland.

On Greenland and the social impact of climate change

I heard stories of fisherman who had fallen through the ice, never came home and left a family behind. I spoke with fishermen who already reached their yearly quota in September. I noticed more taxi drivers (ca 200) than a city of 15.000 needs. And on top of all this, I witnessed the arrival of big oil. I spent three months in a country with one foot in a beautiful, traditional past and the other foot in an uncertain future. 

In Greenland I saw de strong interrelatedness of ecological and social transitions. Climate change is not only an ecological but also a social phenomenon with a huge impact on society as a whole. I therefore believe that sustainability asks for more than just technological measures or a solid business case.

The transition towards sustainability is about people

About their practices and motivations, about their webs of meaning and their perspectives on the world. Sustainability is about an individual and collective mindshift, and therefor about culture change.

I am dedicated to help as much organizations as I can with embedding sustainability and CSR into their DNA. I strive to have an impact every day and make the world a better place step by step. The big adventures are in the little things. Travelling and adventure provide me with new eyes to look at the same world.

Why I do what I do

I have a profound love for people, and I love being in touch with the elements.  I enjoy finding peace in a beautiful sight, finding a challenge in a tough hike, finding humility and vulnerability in the endless nature of Greenland and in the vast Arctic landscape. Finding hospitality amongst the people in Mongolia, finding perspective in the vast steppes. And just as much I find adventure in rafting down a French river or on a Norwegian fjord on a handmade raft. 

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