About · Walter Faaij

Walter Faaij (1984) is a corporate anthropologist, consultant and professional storyteller. Walter founded Green Culture Lab in 2010 and is an expert on sustainability, corporate culture and culture change. Walter guides companies and organisations in their journey to embed sustainability into their organizational cultures.

On Greenland I realized we have a problem

I’m a corporate anthropologist and I’m on a mission. In 2010 I spent three months living in Greenland, studying the social impact of climate change. When I was there I realized we have a problem. Climate change may even be the biggest problem and challenge humanity has ever seen. Large parts of our planet are at risk of becoming uninhabitable in just a generation or so. I became a father in May this year, and our very existence is threatened.

And the transition is about people

As an anthropologist this got me thinking. How could we let this happen? And how can we fix this? I came to the conclusion we live in a world and a culture of extraction, of taking. And that’s also how we can fix our problem. We collectively need to change our hearts, minds and actions and turn our culture into a future-proof, that's regenerative, that’s inclusive and based on reciprocity. And we need to do it now. 

So I build GreenCultures

So I’ve dedicated my professional life as a corporate anthropologist to helping leaders and sustainability professionals and champions by embedding sustainability in their corporate cultures. I do so by speaking on podia, writing books and articles, facilitating campfire sessions and guiding culture change programs. I build green cultures.

Random facts

I love being in touch with the elements. I enjoy finding peace in a beautiful sight, finding a challenge in a tough hike, finding humility and vulnerability in the endless nature of Greenland and in the vast Arctic landscape. Finding hospitality amongst the people in Mongolia, finding perspective in the vast steppes. And just as much I find adventure in rafting down a French river or on a Norwegian fjord on a handmade raft. 

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