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Green Culture Lab likes to work with talented anthropologists having the ambition to create a more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive world. We happily introduce ourselves to you.

Nadia Teunissen

I have a background in anthropology, specialized in sustainability. For me, it is important that both people and the planet can grow within good conditions. This ambition combines well with my professional enthusiasm for (organization) culture.

This is why I graduated on the topic of sustainable tourism in Indonesia. I studied the impact of sustainable tourism enterprises on the local community and environment. I witnessed the negative impact of mass-tourism and ‘mindless travelling’ on the environment and its people. At the same time, I experienced the positive impact tourism can have. When people travel consciously, they are more curious and open to their surroundings, enabling them to see things from a different perspective.

What gets me up and running? Communicating for and about sustainability. What stories activate people? How to stimulate sustainable dialogues, to foster new collaborations? I believe that sustainability is such a broad concept, you can’t handle it on your own. You need all disciplines involved, from tech to social. And a bunch of motivated, dedicated and curious people!


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