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We live in a beautiful world. A potentially beautiful world. Throughout al my travels, I realised that the world is our home. And enjoying it, brings the responsibility to take good care of it. That we not only take, but also give back. The relationship needs to be balanced. Reciprocity, in anthropological terms.


I founded Green Culture Lab to help build a beautiful, inclusive and sustainable world. Where reciprocity serves as the basis for the relationship between people and nature.

The technology to get this done already exists. We ‘only’ need to act on it. To rebuild and reorganize our economy and society. When you are serious about the energy transition, about building a circular economy or about integrating sustainability into your organization, you are rebuilding the foundations. Because this transtion requires a mindshift, different behavior and a culture change.


I strongly believe in the power of organizations and companies to have a positive impact on society. It's my mission to build cultures of sustainability in organizations and companies, and I strive for impact, for organizations and companies to make sustainability the default choice in their business consideratons. To base decisions on the answer to this question: does it benefit the relationship between people and planet?


Inspire and activate companies and organizations to perceive sustainability not only as technological or business challenge, but also as a culture change. To understand the way culture works and to help you change your culture and embed sustainability into your DNA and corporate culture.

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