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The story of Green Culture Lab starts in 2010 in Greenland. We are convinced that creating more sustainable organizations, companies and societies is in essence a revolution of culture. We're happy to tell you more about who we are, what we do and our mission in the world.


We live in a beautiful world. A potentially beautiful world. Throughout al my travels, I realised that the world is our home. And enjoying it, brings the responsibility to take good care of it. That we not only take, but also give back. The relationship needs to be balanced. Reciprocity, in anthropological terms.

Walter Faaij

Walter Faaij (1984) is a corporate anthropologist, consultant and professional storyteller. Walter founded Green Culture Lab in 2010 and is an expert on sustainability, corporate culture and culture change. Walter guides companies and organisations in their journey to embed sustainability into their organizational cultures.


Green Culture Lab likes to work with talented anthropologists having the ambition to create a more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive world. We happily introduce ourselves to you.


Green Culture Lab is very happy to work together with others quite often. Because projects get better, because it offers learning opportunities, and because it's just fun to work with others!


A selection of the clients I worked with. As keynote speaker, facilitator, or as consultant during a large-scale culture change trajectory.

Corporate Anthropology

Traditionally, anthropologists study exotic tribes far away. With the same fascination, corporate anthropologists look at organisations and companies. Why? Clearer observations. Deeper conversations. Profound insights. Better transitions.

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